Personal Trainer Exeter – Heal Your Back And Burn The Fat – Day 24 – How Does A No Media Diet Sound?


Hey guys,


Ok day 24 is a simple to do but not always easy to implement day.



The routine is as fiollows:

AM – Focused Breathing Drills

MID – No Media Diet

PM = Focused Breathing Drills


Is is simple in the fact that you need to get rid of any unnecessary social / media for 7 days, yep one whole week without reading a newspaper, looking at unnecessary blog posts, status updates, tweets, pins and any other social bollocks!!!!






By unnecessary I have 3 simple questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Does this take my life forward (if no then stop)?
  2. How does this take my life forward (if you can’t come up with a decent answer the clearly it isn’t that good).
  3. What other way could I do this (if it’s talking to friends can the same be one on phone, Skype or messenger)?



Seriously, how much time do you use reading posts that make you laugh for 5 secs (I have done this myself) and then nothing comes of it. Look if a post makes you that happy and you take a new positive direction (thought or action) based on it then great; if not then why are you doing it?



So there you have it….



Let me know how you get on and also please reply back with your progress (how are you feeling, how was the 48hrs and how’s 7 days of no bitchin?



David “hates the media” Elcoate

ReBoot Personal Training