Personal Trainer Exeter – Heal Your Back And Burn The Fat – Day 26 – How Crocodile Dundee (remember him) Can Help You Have No Worries!



Day 26 is all about how Crocodile Dundee can help you keep calm and relaxed….



The routine as follows:


AM – Focused Breathing Drills

MID – Energiser Level 1 Program

PM – Focused Breathing Drills



G’day and welcome to day 10,


The cheesy reference to Crocodile Dundee is the subject of how to eliminate worry!




Worry is the biggest enemy of creativity, success, joy, love, truth, pretty much anything really! Worry is like mental cancer, it will literally grow that big and crush you.


Anxiety, stress, doubt are all forms in a different dress so we need this thing GONE!


Worry serves one purpose and one purpose only to pull you down into more worry; watch a conversation between two worriers it’s like watching Victim Tennis with worry being rallied over the net and then pretty soon they are in an episode of east enders…. SCREW THAT!!!!


Now I don’t say don’t be concerned, if you know something is coming (or if it just pops up) up then simply acknowledge it, plan or decide what your response will be and then do it and let go of the thought, yes it is that SIMPLE!!!


So for today I want to take an Australian approach to worry “no worries mate” should be your best friend. Anytime a worry pops into your head literally shrug your shoulders and say “no worries mate”, decide a response and then go do and let it go…..


Here is the ultimate example from Crocodile Dundee on No Worries:


Ok, so please don’t carry a machete around just give it a go, oh and give yourself permission to suck the first time it goes badly, you will only improve!!!


David “No Worries” Elcoate

ReBoot Personal Training

Personal Trainer Exeter–Heal Your Back And Burn The Fat–Day 25 – Keep Going You’re almost To The End!



Day 25 is the same format as Day 23, continue on with the new energiser routine….



AM – Focused Breathing Drills

MID – Energiser Level 1 Program

PM -Focused Breathing Drills



I want you to repeat what you did with the energiser rehab, this time perform the exercises with your eyes closed, pay attention to how you feel and what feedback your body is giving you and the really do more of the following:






PINCH your shoulder blades back and down,

SQUEEZE your abs tight,

CLENCH your butt cheeks tight!



David ‘pinch, squeeze and clench round 3 with eyes wide shut!’ Elcoate

ReBoot Personal Training