Personal Trainer Exeter – Heal Your Back And Burn The Fat – Day 26 – How Crocodile Dundee (remember him) Can Help You Have No Worries!



Day 26 is all about how Crocodile Dundee can help you keep calm and relaxed….



The routine as follows:


AM – Focused Breathing Drills

MID – Energiser Level 1 Program

PM – Focused Breathing Drills



G’day and welcome to day 10,


The cheesy reference to Crocodile Dundee is the subject of how to eliminate worry!




Worry is the biggest enemy of creativity, success, joy, love, truth, pretty much anything really! Worry is like mental cancer, it will literally grow that big and crush you.


Anxiety, stress, doubt are all forms in a different dress so we need this thing GONE!


Worry serves one purpose and one purpose only to pull you down into more worry; watch a conversation between two worriers it’s like watching Victim Tennis with worry being rallied over the net and then pretty soon they are in an episode of east enders…. SCREW THAT!!!!


Now I don’t say don’t be concerned, if you know something is coming (or if it just pops up) up then simply acknowledge it, plan or decide what your response will be and then do it and let go of the thought, yes it is that SIMPLE!!!


So for today I want to take an Australian approach to worry “no worries mate” should be your best friend. Anytime a worry pops into your head literally shrug your shoulders and say “no worries mate”, decide a response and then go do and let it go…..


Here is the ultimate example from Crocodile Dundee on No Worries:


Ok, so please don’t carry a machete around just give it a go, oh and give yourself permission to suck the first time it goes badly, you will only improve!!!


David “No Worries” Elcoate

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Personal Trainer Exeter–Heal Your Back And Burn The Fat–Day 25 – Keep Going You’re almost To The End!



Day 25 is the same format as Day 23, continue on with the new energiser routine….



AM – Focused Breathing Drills

MID – Energiser Level 1 Program

PM -Focused Breathing Drills



I want you to repeat what you did with the energiser rehab, this time perform the exercises with your eyes closed, pay attention to how you feel and what feedback your body is giving you and the really do more of the following:






PINCH your shoulder blades back and down,

SQUEEZE your abs tight,

CLENCH your butt cheeks tight!



David ‘pinch, squeeze and clench round 3 with eyes wide shut!’ Elcoate

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Personal Trainer Exeter – Heal Your Back And Burn The Fat – Day 24 – How Does A No Media Diet Sound?


Hey guys,


Ok day 24 is a simple to do but not always easy to implement day.



The routine is as fiollows:

AM – Focused Breathing Drills

MID – No Media Diet

PM = Focused Breathing Drills


Is is simple in the fact that you need to get rid of any unnecessary social / media for 7 days, yep one whole week without reading a newspaper, looking at unnecessary blog posts, status updates, tweets, pins and any other social bollocks!!!!






By unnecessary I have 3 simple questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Does this take my life forward (if no then stop)?
  2. How does this take my life forward (if you can’t come up with a decent answer the clearly it isn’t that good).
  3. What other way could I do this (if it’s talking to friends can the same be one on phone, Skype or messenger)?



Seriously, how much time do you use reading posts that make you laugh for 5 secs (I have done this myself) and then nothing comes of it. Look if a post makes you that happy and you take a new positive direction (thought or action) based on it then great; if not then why are you doing it?



So there you have it….



Let me know how you get on and also please reply back with your progress (how are you feeling, how was the 48hrs and how’s 7 days of no bitchin?



David “hates the media” Elcoate

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Personal Trainer Exeter Back Pain ReBoot – Day 6: Plastic S**t And Why It Means You Will Always FAIL!

So Today’s routine is as follows:


Neural Plasticity exercise


So on with today’s exercise:

    Mental plastics or neural (mental) plasticity (plastics) is the term that dictates how you brain becomes hardwired and programmed habitually, every time you do start something new you create a pathway in the brain, this then layers down as the subconscious brain looks for more repetition especially as it responds to perceived and real danger and also emotional or nice benefits.
Personal Trainer Exeter Neuron

Personal Trainer Exeter Neuron

In the future it will always use this pathway as default as it is easy (we like easy) and especially if something threatens us it goes into survival mode shutting everything sown and will do literally ANYTHING to get out of that situation.

This system is perfect and designed to keep us safe and protected it can also hinder us. if a certain thing is perceived to be threatening and damage our self image we will literally do anything we can to keep us comfortable and safe. So weight loss without the self esteem work and habitual is C.R.A.P (Completely Rubbish And Pointless)….

So today’s task is observation and awareness what are you doing habitually without even thinking about it, start paying attention to everything you do and say, don’t judge, just observe, your actions, your thoughts, your feelings and please WRITE THEM DOWN, less talk More DO!

Talk about s**t all you like, s**t’s still there, S**t don’t get cleaned up if you don’t pick it up!

So go observe your shit (not literally) and send me your feed back about what happened via email or comments on the blog or social media!

David ‘Always Failing To Pick Up S**t!’ Elcoate

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Personal Trainer Exeter Offers 30-Days Free Coaching!!!

Hey guys,

I am taking my ReBoot coaching program online and want some er “volunteers” to try it out for free for 30-days!

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No Catch, well ok a little one, which you’ll see at the end of this post.

If you are having issues exercising due to a long term back injury, have a long term medical condition adn this stops you achieving the figure you want or if you have tried every diet and exercise routine under the sun and are still no where then this is for you, please all I ask is just try it out!!!

Hit the link below and try the program out for 30-days, it is a mix of physical and mental coaching exercises designed to get you our of physical pain and emotional threat, reprogram you brain and body and give you back your natural success mindset and state that you had when you were a kid (hence the term ReBoot).

This is the first 30-days all my clients get when they sign up, the price is some good old honest feedback at the end!

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David ’30-Days Free’ Elcoate

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Personal Trainer Exeter On Why “I AM” Can Be The Two Most Dangerous Words In Exercise & Rehabilitation

Hey guys,

For the next week or 2 I am going to focus entirely on mind and brain set with regards to injury and exercise. I will explain the difference between Mind / Brain and also look at how who you are, what you value and what you believe influences your perception and you effort when it comes to applying your rehab exercise program and also the ReBoot Personal Training approach to changing these things to help those of you in Exeter and Beyond.

So first things first is identity, or who are you?

Personal Trainer Exeter Identity Question

Who you are has  a massive re-read as F**KING HUGE impact on the way you approach your exercise rehabilitation…..

On a very simple level if you have started using language like I am A back pain patient (or any other injury / illness) then what has happened is that subconsciously you have started to allow your pain and injury to define you, this in term will influence your perception with thoughts such as I can’t, if I do that it’ll hurt! Also from the brain perspective if that injury is who you are then any attempts to change the injury is technically interpreted as an attempt to control your identity and change who you are….. (explains why a lot of people don’t do their rehab work or look after their injuries, who want to wake up and control their identity, we all want as much freedom as possible, so why do something that limits that freedom)?

The sad irony is this is actually what you need, you do need to change who you are, think about it do you want to stay as the fat office worker who can’t do anything because of their back pain?

Short answer, NO!

I don’t know anyone who would…..

Yet changing it can be so, so so, simple! Yes I said simple, that however doesn’t mean easy!

The answer, well start by changing the language you use, tell your self “I have back pain!”

Yes it is that simple, your brain will resist, it may struggle, laugh at you, it may mean you have to have post it notes up everywhere to remind you in the first 60 days, but try it, start to tell your self I have back pain. The reason it works is the brain and the mind starts to associate that You (your identity) has this thing (back pain), instead of you are the back pain. If you have something then you can also  un-have it! You can simply choose to let it go; by choosing to let it go you then start to become focused on solutions and are the more willing to put more effort into finding ways to help you drop the back pain and burn the body fat, this one simple change in language can have a MASSIVE profound impact.

Try it out for the next 60-days and let me know how you get on by posting your comments below.


Apply HERE now If you want to find out how to let go of your pain, build your back and burn the fat with the 16-week ReBoot Coaching Program In Exeter.

Personal Trainer Exeter Client Deadlift Video.

Awesome video from one of my Personal Trainer clients in Exeter, Devon, well done Jackie.

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