Personal Trainer Exeter – KaiZen / ReBoot Webcast #1…


Despite being Tech-idiots, Kyle Hargreaves from Kaizen Coaching and myself from actually managed an hour of quality content with our first weekly hangout.


In this first episode, we start the ‘introductions’ by asking Kyle about the philosophy of KaiZen Coaching and how it can help people.


Here It is:



We have an awesome discussion on:

  • The principles of weight loss
  • My no.1 most important ‘rule’ for transformation…
  • ‘Animal attacks’ (not in the way you think)
  • Being attacked by angry villagers (or fitpros)
  • How we help people empower themselves through coaching to create solutions that fit their own lives
  • Our thoughts on the state of the Fitness industry and why it fails so many people…
  • And more!


Sorry about the image and sound quality, we will improve this moving forward, unfortunately we are both tech idiots and clearly need some new kit!!!

Over the coming weeks we will be answering your questions around health, happiness and fitness, so please post any questions you have for us!




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