Personal Trainer Exeter On Getting Excited About Work Required To Heal Your Back And Burn The Fat

Hey guys,

late one on a Sunday night but I felt compelled to write this after seeing a facebook post from someone who I respect within the fitness industry.
Anyway what he said is below:

“Something I’ve learned from a lot of failures and a little success:

It’s easy to get excited about the outcome you want…. But less easy to get excited about the work required to get there

When you get excited about doing the work… The outcome becomes inevitable”

Personal Trainer Exeter Enjoy The Work

Enjoy The Work And The Outcome Is Inevitable.

Read and re-read that until it sinks in, especially this part “When you get excited about doing the work… The outcome becomes inevitable.”

So my 2 questions to you is this: “What work do you need to get excited about and how are you going to do that?”

  1. Mine is I need to get excited about the sales and marketing work needed to grow my business to the levels I need to live the lifestyle I want and allow me the freedom to spend time with my family.
  2. I will constantly break it down into smaller achievable daily targets that allow me to reach the larger post and then I will set myself certain milestones 4monthly and reward myself according to the target reached. I will also constantly remind myself as to how each target allows me to feel (the real reason we set goals is the way it makes us feel).

Post or comment with your answers below.

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Personal Trainer Exeter’s 21 Good Habits For Slaughtering Your Fat Loss And Back Pain – Tip 2 – Regularly Creating Goals

Yesterday I started my “Personal Trainer Exeter’s 21 Good Habits for Slaughtering Your Fat Loss And Back Pain Series”, if you haven’t read it then you can find the post HERE.

  1. Regularly creating goals.

How Can You Hit A Target That You Haven’t Hung?

Kind of like a ship they know their end destination, they have a target, if you don’t you simply can’t hit it. So what do you want with regards to your health, fat loss, back pain, body shape in the next year, in order to do that can you break the bigger goal down into smaller more manageable chunks.

losing 6 stone or 84lbs in 1 year can sound quite scary, losing 1.75lbs a week for 12months is doable, remember if you’re not doing this then chances are it is because the brain may find the big goal threatening, if it is break it down to the smallest and simplest numbers (1.75 lbs is doable) then ask “What habits would I have to do daily to lose 1.75lbs per week…?”

Also Understand how your goals interact with each other, how does your health goal interact with your relationships, your work, your own relaxation time, remember the circle of life (cheesy lion king reference), all areas are interconnected, understand this adn what will be required to make them all work together and you’ll fly through.


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Personal Trainer Exeter Client Deadlift Video.

Awesome video from one of my Personal Trainer clients in Exeter, Devon, well done Jackie.

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Personal Trainer Exeter On How Kleptomania Is Running Your fat Loss And Why Simple Shit Works Consistently!

Hey guys,


The post from Personal Trainer Exeter today is inspired by something I saw posted on Facebook by a coach i respect and admire (Kevin Nations – the original is here)

In it he mentions a laptop (a Google Chrome book) that although isn’t as nice as his ipad, it gets the job done. The job in this case is being able to connect to the internet anywhere at any time via any means necessary.





Now in this instance the Chromebook is almost 25% of the price of the mac book, doesn’t look as slick yet it connects anywhere, any time via any means necessary, basically it fulfils what the original intention is!


Now sometimes in life we get caught up in “magpie syndrome” (kind of like Kleptomaniacs but no stealing), we get distracted by shinny stuff that appears to be better!!




Key statement there “appears to be better!”


Better for what, yeah sure the grass always looks greener…




But greener for what, like the picture says isn’t the other side always greener, no matter what side you are on??


Now this seems to always comes back to two things:

1. not being specific on what you want exactly (I will post my thoughts on this later on).
2. Not stopping and asking is what your doing actually getting the job done?


Here in lies the valuable lesson in goal achievement / fitness / business / LIFE in this message. Borrowing from Kevins post:


“Sometimes cheap devices that get the job done beat the fancy flashy options that fall short of the finish line (in this case a laptop that just WORKS AND CONNECTS anywhere I need it to!)…”


  • So a simple question to ask yourself “is what I am currently doing getting the job done?”
  • YES – keep doing it?
  • NO – Stop it and ask “what would I need to do to get the job done?” and “why am I always able to get the job done?” (you can of course replace the word job with fat loss, back pain, goal, whatever…)
  • THEN – go out and do new answer, continually review by following above process! – success made simple! 😉


So for those of you in Exeter Devon looking to lose fat:

  • “Is what I am currently doing getting me the fat loss results I want?”
  • YES – keep doing it and ask “does this help or harm my long term health?” – this helps guard against shitty liquid diets and meal replacement bollocks!
  • NO – Stop it and ask “what would I need to do to get those results?” and “why am I always able to get the fat loss results I desire?”
  • THEN – go out and do new answer, continually review by following above process! – success made simple!




Don’t be one of those people skipping trend to trend, never getting the results you want.

Always use the questions to check the latest exercise / diet and make sure you have fully researched the long term effects as well. and remember 99.9% of the time the simple, nuts and bolts approach always works, consistently!


As always leave your comments below.




Personal Trainer Exeter