Personal Trainer Exeter–Heal Your Back And Burn The Fat – Day 21 – BLC#3 – Pay Attention To Who You Are?


The routine is as follows:


AM -Focused Breathing Drills


MID – BLC#3 – Identity Statement


PM – Focused Breathing Drills



So on with the exercise:


Create an identity statement – I am …. Think about the times in your past where you have use the statements I am…. Now go through and look at ones that you have list as many as possible…




Now break them up by asking how does this serve?


If it serves your purpose, keep it and thank it.


If not then ask where does this come from, why have I got it, what would be a better thing to think instead?


Keep repeating until you have replaced all you non serving statements….




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Personal Trainer Exeter Heal Your Back And Burn The Fat – Day 14 – What Is My Soul Purpose?

Day 14 is a Big one again, this one may take you a while and you may have to keep coming back to it.

This is fine, all normal. The exercise is divided up into parts, the first few timed (this gets you laser like focused) and the next one is a tad more creative and allows you to run with it and come back as and when you need to.

You still have the usual routine:

AM – Focused Breathing Drills


PM – Focused Breathing Drills

Anyway, on with the BLC#2 exercise… What is my purpose?


Part 1)

All I want you to do is set a timer for 3mins and write down in a simple sentence what your context of life is, once I looked at mine it was a simple answer to show my context is that life is a process of (constant change). So rationally my purpose is I am an agent of change!
All you need to do is ask in it’s simplest for what is the context of my life?

Part 2) – the timer is set for 3mins on each part

i) List all the things you do now that you enjoy:

ii) Imagine you are a successfull billionaire with no constraints on time, energy, finances, health or relationships, what would you do if you were in this position? – these are your passions

iii) Next write down the names of people you admire – these are your actions

iv) Make a list of the things you do naturally without even thinking about it – these are your genius.

Look at these lists  and do at least 1 from them each day

How do you feel after completing these exercises?

You should feel open, aware and relaxed…..

Part 3) No timer, just allow as much time as needed….

Now given the context you worked out, look at that, your actions, passions and genius from above  and  given your current understanding of reality (look at your perspective from the BLC#1 last week), where do you fit in? What does all of this show your life purpose is or should be?

Here’s what to do:

  1. Take out a blank sheet of paper or open up a word processor where you can type (I prefer the latter because it’s faster).
  2. Write at the top, “What is my true purpose in life?”
  3. Write an answer (any answer) that pops into your head. It doesn’t have to be a complete sentence. A short phrase is fine.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you write the answer that makes you cry. This is your purpose.

Ok so you may not cry, it may be a massive feeling of joy and elation, a sense of calm, some freed up negativity releasing, only you will know, but know you will!

When i finally did Mine I came out with this final version: “I am an agent of change who coaches those in pain to regain their self esteem, break through perceived limitations and live a lifestyle of their dreams by empowering them to create their own inspired transformations in their health, wealth and relationships while doing the same for myself and those that I love!”

It took me 7 days of pouring over that to get it (I had a lot of BS to get through), I know a friend who got it in 20 minutes….

Your time is your time, don’t rush and trust the process!!!

David ‘Agent Of Change’ Elcoate

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Personal Trainer Exeter On Getting Excited About Work Required To Heal Your Back And Burn The Fat

Hey guys,

late one on a Sunday night but I felt compelled to write this after seeing a facebook post from someone who I respect within the fitness industry.
Anyway what he said is below:

“Something I’ve learned from a lot of failures and a little success:

It’s easy to get excited about the outcome you want…. But less easy to get excited about the work required to get there

When you get excited about doing the work… The outcome becomes inevitable”

Personal Trainer Exeter Enjoy The Work

Enjoy The Work And The Outcome Is Inevitable.

Read and re-read that until it sinks in, especially this part “When you get excited about doing the work… The outcome becomes inevitable.”

So my 2 questions to you is this: “What work do you need to get excited about and how are you going to do that?”

  1. Mine is I need to get excited about the sales and marketing work needed to grow my business to the levels I need to live the lifestyle I want and allow me the freedom to spend time with my family.
  2. I will constantly break it down into smaller achievable daily targets that allow me to reach the larger post and then I will set myself certain milestones 4monthly and reward myself according to the target reached. I will also constantly remind myself as to how each target allows me to feel (the real reason we set goals is the way it makes us feel).

Post or comment with your answers below.

If you need help with getting excited about the work of healing your back and burning the fat in Exeter then apply for your Free 90mins ReBoot Transformation Session below.


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Personal Trainer Exeter Back Pain ReBoot – Day 6: Plastic S**t And Why It Means You Will Always FAIL!

So Today’s routine is as follows:


Neural Plasticity exercise


So on with today’s exercise:

    Mental plastics or neural (mental) plasticity (plastics) is the term that dictates how you brain becomes hardwired and programmed habitually, every time you do start something new you create a pathway in the brain, this then layers down as the subconscious brain looks for more repetition especially as it responds to perceived and real danger and also emotional or nice benefits.
Personal Trainer Exeter Neuron

Personal Trainer Exeter Neuron

In the future it will always use this pathway as default as it is easy (we like easy) and especially if something threatens us it goes into survival mode shutting everything sown and will do literally ANYTHING to get out of that situation.

This system is perfect and designed to keep us safe and protected it can also hinder us. if a certain thing is perceived to be threatening and damage our self image we will literally do anything we can to keep us comfortable and safe. So weight loss without the self esteem work and habitual is C.R.A.P (Completely Rubbish And Pointless)….

So today’s task is observation and awareness what are you doing habitually without even thinking about it, start paying attention to everything you do and say, don’t judge, just observe, your actions, your thoughts, your feelings and please WRITE THEM DOWN, less talk More DO!

Talk about s**t all you like, s**t’s still there, S**t don’t get cleaned up if you don’t pick it up!

So go observe your shit (not literally) and send me your feed back about what happened via email or comments on the blog or social media!

David ‘Always Failing To Pick Up S**t!’ Elcoate

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Personal Trainer Exeter Back Pain ReBoot – Day 5: Get All O.C.D About Your Thoughts and Feelings…

Ok guys day 5, is the same circuit as previous, the same breathing drills and Energiser Rehab Circuit; except I now want you to increase your awareness by paying attention, literally almost become O.C.D about your thoughts and feelings.


The daily routine today is as follows:


  • AM: Breathing Drills
  • MID: Energiser Rehab
  • PM: Breathing Drills



Personal Trainer Exeter Asks How Are You Really Feeling

Personal Trainer Exeter Asks How Are You Really Feeling?


Now I want you while breathing to start really focusing in on where your mind goes, listen and pay attention to what thoughts keep running around in your head and start to ask why am I thinking this way? How is this helping me or hindering me? And What lessons do I need to learn to let this go?



While doing the energizer, keep squeezing harder (oooooh errrr…). Also start to listen to the body and I mean really focus, feel what areas need more work and where you may be lacking the control required to perform.



Oh and in case you missed it ‘WRITE IT DOWN!’ (yes I am shouting).


Let me know how it goes


David ‘OCD’ Elcoate


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Personal Trainer Exeter Back Pain ReBoot – Day 4: How Mental Are Your Actions?

So as you should now get the hang of this AM and Pm gig, yep more breathing!
We add more in as the program goes on but if you can’t breath well on a basic physiology level the brain thinks it’s dying and will compensate everywhere = more back pain and less fat burning so nail this breathing practice ok!!
Your midday mental exercise (ok or whenever you schedule it into your diary is to look at your actions and behaviors, like you did with the environment.
personal trainer exeter going mental

Stop giving yourself a headache!

Thinking about why you signed up (back pain, fat loss, life transformation, etc…) Look at what actions you take daily and ask the following:
  • Does this help or hinder my progress?
  • How does this take me towards what I want to do?
  • What should I do instead?
Oh and remember….
Write this down!
David ‘Mental Actions’ Elcoate

Personal Trainer Exeter Back Pain ReBoot Day 2: You’re More Predictable Than Wile E. Cyote!‏

So Day 2 is all about your head space, we want to get your brain out of threat, if it is in threat then it is activating the 5 F’s:
  • Fight (get angry)
  • Flight (run away or stop)
  • Freeze (don’t start or procrastinate)
  • Fornicate ( err….. ;))
  • Feed it (hmm hello binge eating)
So if you are in treat you are likely engaging in behaviors that look like the above, so a lot of self sabotage isn’t sabotage it is in fact preservation.
Yes, preservation, threat is an inability to predict and outcome if the brain can’t predict it feels unsafe and activates the threat response!
Want to lose weight but hate the thought of ‘diets and exercise’, BOOM threat, you either stop the program or start binging (Flight & Feed).
Want to get rid of your back pain but are scared as the previous programs have failed, BOOM threat, you don’t start and get angry (Freeze & Fight).
So how do we change it?
Well we start to show the brain what outcomes it can predict (think about Wile E. Cyote, you know as soon as Roadrunner shows up, he will come up with some mad scheme, guaranteed to fail and cause him pain, we want that level of predictability, or at least you head thinking it is).
Personal Trainer Exeter Predictable

(c) – don’t be so predictable!

We will show the brain what it can control and change by doing the following:
Breathing Drills ( I know but there is a lot to be said for breathing)
No gym work today, only mind gym.
Breathing Drills ( I know but there is a lot to be said for breathing)
The program look at how your environment influences you, just look and observe, I want you to think about what you want from life, you know what success means for you and then start to look at your environments (work, home, hobbies) start to just pay attention to things that influence you.
I mean after all, everything we do either takes us forwards or backwards, ask yourself; is this helping or hindering my progress?
If it hinders, ask what purpose does this serve?
Then what would be a more effective way of doing this?
Write this down!
Let me know how you get on.