Personal Trainer Exeter – Heal Yoru Back And Burn The Fat – Day 27–Do You Want To Know How Emptying Your Mind Can Help You Heal Your Back And Burn The Fat???



Day 27 is the same format as Day 23, continue on with the new energiser routine….


AM – Focused Breathing Drills

MID – Energiser Level 1 Program

PM – Focused Breathing Drills


I want you to really pay attention to your breathing drills, you have gone from week 1 – just breathing, week 2 – still body, week 3 working through your gratitude list now you’re onto week 4…..


This one is simple, as you should by now be able to hold your gratitude images in your head for periods of time I want you to practice brining in ‘empty mind’.


This isn’t empty mind like not conscious and not paying attention this is empty as in deliberately FREE from doubt, anger, negativity, well anything….


My own personal one is I imagine a Jedi popping into my head and using the force to raise a giant shield around my mind so only the things that I choose can get in or out….


Re-read that again….


“Only the things that I choose can get in or out!”




Imagine the power in that, right there is conscious control over your thoughts, where you move from animalistic reactive behaviour to very deliberate conscious human response!


I.e. you chose how to think, act and behave…..


Scary responsibility isn’t it….


But on the flip side if you’re not in control, someone else is…..


Keep practicing until you can bring ‘empty mind’ in at whim as and when you need to…..


David ‘empty mind’ Elcoate

ReBoot Personal Training

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