Personal Trainer Exeter – How do you decide what to eat?


Hey guys,


Excuse the interruption to the “Heal Your Back And Burn The Fat” 30 day coaching program, normal service will resume on the PT in Exeter blog soon.


I had some inspiration for this post at breakfast this morning from my 4yo son and had to get it out asap.


When we came  out to sort breakfast he saw the minted lamb kebabs I had got out for tonight’s dinner, straight out of his mouth without hesitation was “I like this one please”….



The initial shock wore off and i was like, you want kebabs for break fast??


Err but it’s breakfast Theo…?



This is the bit where I stopped myself, so what if it’s breakfast, who or what decides that breakfast MUST be a bowl of cereal with milk or a traditional fry up?

In France a traditional breakfast is a hot drink with crusty bread and pastries.

Hollandd is scrambled eggs with frankfurters.

Japan is miso soup with rice…

You see, where ever you go no one breakfast is the same, there is no one universal truth!!!

So the question is “How do you decide what to eat?”


You see most people would be looking at this and scratching their head and then answer something along the lines of “I just do” or “It’s what we’ve always done”.

You see those answers right there, they are simply running a program, they are using part of the brain called the Basal Ganglia and The Anterior Cingular Cortex that are responsible for emotional regulation and habit formation.


They are running what they have programmed to do, because their parents / friends / everyone did before them and so history repeats itself….

So what would happen if instead you asked the following:

what would the best version of me want for breakfast?

What food would give me the best nourishment and set me up for what ever i need to do today?

What food would be the best expression of who I want to be right now?

What choices would allow me to feel happiest and give me the most freedom?

Do you think your breakfast choices would be different????

You bet!!!!

So task for you, next time you eat or a re deciding what to eat / cook, take a deep breath and ask yourself the questions above and post your answers below!


Normal service will be resumed to the Personal Trainer Exeter blog tomorrow.


David “I choose steak and asparagus for every meal” Elcoate

ReBoot Personal Training

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