Personal Trainer Exeter–Heal Your Back Burn The Fat Day 19 – 48 Hours Later


So here it is Day 19,


The routine as usual:


AM – Focused Breathing Drills

MID – 48hrs later…

PM – Focused Breathing Drills


The 48 hour drill:

This one is an amazing one, I first read and used this a few years ago in a book and once again recently when I had forgotten a few principles…


Now it is a spiritual exercise, I know, I know, stop rolling your eyes….


Personal Trainer Exeter 48hrs To Miracles


Think about it rationally, there are so many different religions out there with different versions with a messiah of some sort be it God, Buddha or Allah, even science with the search for the higs-bozon these days is confirming the link between everything saying that at a sub atomic level everything is vibrational energy just on different frequencies.


Look I am not trying to shove spiritual or religious views down your throat, all the exercise asks is that you remain open minded, you don’t have to believe just suspend your disbelief and stay curious.


Now what I want you to do is write the date and time and the top of a piece of paper. Just know that this exercise asks for evidence of something bigger. Evidence that only you will know when you see it, just know that something will happen and it will happen within that 48hr time period; If not then you have proof that it doesn’t exist and can find another answer to faith.


SO there you have it write it down, fix the intention in your mind that it will happen and then simply let it go, no other thought just wait and set a reminder for 48hrs time and PAY ATTENTION!!!


Let me know how you get on.


David ’48hrs later’ Elcoate


ReBoot Personal Training


P,S. How’s the 7 days of no negging out going?


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