Personal Trainer Exeter– Heal Your Back And Burn the Fat – Day 17 – Do Your Know How To Get Out Of The Red With Your Self Esteem Bank Account?


Today’s routine as normal:


AM – Focused Breathing Drills

MID – Self Esteem Bank Account

PM – Focused Breathing Drills



So today is about your self esteem, I know there is a lot going around about self esteem, some call it self worth, self confidence.






To keep it simple in this case I will say self confidence is specific to something e.g. I am confident I can coach I am not confident I can play the piano….


Self Esteem on the other hand is general and focuses on what you think of yourself, this comes down to do you love yourself, if you do it’s because you trust yourself and that is because you keep your promises.


So self esteem is your ability to keep your promises!!! That simple!!!


So when you have low / negative self esteem you simply aren’t keeping your promises… Well in theory, more than likely you may be focusing on the ones you break and ignoring all the ones you make so in order to boost your self esteem bank account I want you for the next 48hrs note every promise that you make yourself and WRITE IT DOWN!!!!!


Seriously every one; even if you say I am doing the washing up, go do it and yep that’s a promise, I’ll get in the shower and you do it, yep a promise…Start making a note of every  one!


Let me know what you notice and how you feel in 48hrs….


David ‘high self esteem’ Elcoate

ReBoot Personal Training


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