Personal Trainer Exeter Heal Your BAck And Burn The FAt – Day 15 – 15 Seconds Of Fun


Day 15  is the same breathing drills and Energiser Rehab Circuit as day 11.


AM- Focused Breathing Drills

MID- 15 Seconds of Fun

PM- Focused Breathing Drills


I want you to start practicing 15s of joy….


Remember the Gratitude list from Day 3 and how you picked your things you were naturally good at on yesterdays BLC#2?


Well I hope you did it as today you’ll need it…..


On those lists you should have lots and lots of memories and items your are good at. I want you to pick one memory from the past and one thing you love to do and do the following with them:


Pick your most vivid, detailed emotional event that make you want to literally jump from now and go back and relive it!




For me it was my wedding day, I got married on the beach in Australia, it was a small ceremony with only close friends and family that we both wanted to be there. I can clearly remember it in amazing detail, Jamie’s smile, the sun, how I felt, hell I am smiling right now! 😉


So what I want is for you to set a timer for 15 secs, go and start to re-live the memory in as much detail as possible. Only 15 secs, I want you to pay attention to how long it takes for the voice to kick in and break your concentration on the memory….




Now, simply PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE! Until you can complete 15 secs un interrupted….


This is the foundation for regaining control from ‘the voice’, it is literally stopping you from experiencing 15 secs of joy re-living something that has already happened…. SERIOUSLY, your own mind won’t let you experience 15secs of joy…..Now make a commitment, FIX IT, NO MATTER WHAT< WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!!


Literally commit to doing it until you can do 15 secs,  seriously don’t go forward until you can get this with minimal effort!


How did you feel? How long did it take for the voice to say this is silly, you have things to do, etc, etc blah, blah, blah……


Can you see how it stops you from reliving happy memories and stops you from experiencing happiness right now????


By listening to the voice you are literally giving yourself permission to not experience joy, or if you want to be blunt ‘YOU ARE DELIBERATELY CHOOSING TO STAY IN MISERY!!!’


How does that sit with you?


If it gets you emotional and angry then good, you are now paying attention, look you can’t control everything that happens in your life and sadly bad shit happens to good people. You always have power over your response (hence the term response-ability, your ability to respond) and this is the foundation of it, by shutting the voice out and choosing your response you can literally be knee deep in shit, or fat or pain and still be calm, collected and able to make a decision and take action from there (you keep your power instead of giving it away).


I hope this sinks in!!!


David ‘powerful beyond measure’ Elcoate


ReBoot Personal Training


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