ReBoot Personal Trainer Exeter Heal Your Back And Burn The Fat – Day 12 – How Does 7 Days Of No Negging Out Sound?

Ok guys,
remember the 24 hour no negging out exercise, well congrats you graduated from potty training to full on toilet usage (sorry potty training my son right now) so in the words of lando “here goes nothing!”
Your program is in the usual format:
Focused Breathing Drills
No Neggy Exercise
Focused Breathing Drills
Simples…. Check the exercise description below!
Personal Trainer Exeter No Complaining

Read The Sign…!

Welcome to 1 whole week of no negging out…. Write the date and time and start, that simple if you falter, re-write until you have got one full week (keep this going until you do 1 week it is important and  a staple part of the ReBoot system).
Hell I’d say if you find this hard, stop here until you can do at least 3 days or better yet the full week.
David ‘I don’t bitch’ Elcoate

ReBoot Personal Training


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