Personal Trainer Exeter – Heal Your Back And Burn The Fat – DAY 11 – How Focused Breathing Calms Your Mind

Day 11, is the same breathing drills and Energiser Rehab Circuit as previous, with a slight addition to the breathing drills at the beginning and end of each day.

Focused Breathing Drills

Energiser Rehab Program
Focused Breathing Drills
This focused breathing drills will start to allow you to regain control of your mind and allow you the choice on what to focus on, except just like a weak muscle, it’s forgot how to do it!
Once it can do it you will have complete control over what you allow to enter your head (no more neggy thoughts like ‘My pain will never go’ or  ‘I will always be fat’) it will also allow to help with pain control, the more and deeper you breath and the calmer you are the more oxygenated your tissue which means regeneration and repair (you get stronger, faster and better).
So on with the exercise:
Personal Trainer Exeter Lungs

Get Some Good Healthy Lungs!

Spend the first 1-2mins just breathing as you have done and letting your brain and body calm down and relax.
  • Next using the first 4 items on your list, spend 15 seconds just thinking about each item (4 items = 60 seconds).
  • When you do this make sure you get as vivid as possible with the memories, get all your senses involved (what did you see, who was there, what did you hear, what can you taste, touch and smell and also get emotional, how did you feel at the time?)
  • You may have a list like mine:
I am grateful for being alive and able to breath, I love the way my lungs feel light and relaxed when I take my first breath in.
I am grateful for seeing the birth of my son, how amazing it was to support my wife Jamie, how proud I felt at seeing and holding him for the first time
I am grateful for the birth of my daughter, holding her, the love I felt while soothing her from day 1.
I am grateful for my type 1 diabetes, what it teaches me about my body, how good I feel when I look after it and how much energy I feel I have.
  • This is the stuff I want you to run over in your head, start with just this minute, if you feel you can do more then be my guest, if not then just go back to breathing only.
The more you do this, then start adding in more memories from your gratitude list until you get to 15 minutes.
David ‘Focused Breathing’ Elcoate

ReBoot Personal Training


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