Personal Trainer Exeter Heal The Back Burn The Fat – Day 10: How To Be Grateful For Your Problems, Even Your Body Fat And Back Pain!

The format for today is as follows:

Breathing Drills

Gratitude list

Breathing Drills

Anyway, on with the gratitude list…

Personal Trainer Exeter Gratitude

Personal Trainer Exeter Gratitude

Today I want you to spend 30mins or so writing what you are grateful for. It can be anything, even if you are in a dark place right now you are still breathing right? You have a lap top or computer to read this with right? Also means you have eyes or at least one working eye? Also fingers and a hand or arm to move the mouse and keyboard!

Seriously, bad stuff happens to good people sometimes, shit life lesson, you can stay there or find reasons to be happy you are alive, there is always someone in life who would happily trade your problems for theirs right now, so get to it!

David ‘Grateful For Problems’ Elcoate

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