Personal Trainer Exeter Heal The Back Burn The Fat ReBoot – Day 9: Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Pinch, Suck And Clench!

Day 9 is the same circuit as previous, the same breathing drills and Energiser Rehab Circuit:
Breathing Drills
Energiser Rehab
Breathing Drills
How is the focusing while breathing going? What thoughts are you having that keep popping up?
While doing the energizer, how are you feeling, can you feel your abs, bum and shoulder blades kicking in yet?
If not, focus on PINCH, SUCK and CLENCH!
PINCH your shoulder blades together,
SUCK your belley button in slightly towards your spine and
CLENCH your your butt cheeks so you can squeeze some nuts between them…
If you learn to do this on a regurlar basis, top the point where you don’t have to think about it as it becomes the new habit in your brain then you minimise your chance of having to see me or another health care practitioner for “interesting” manipulations like this one……
Personal Trainer Neck Manipulation

If She’d Sucked, Pinched And Clenched Then Chances Are She Wouldn’t Need A Neck Manipulation With A Certain Personal Trainer In Exeter… 😉


Oh and regarding how everything is feeling; in case you missed it: ‘WRITE IT DOWN!’
Let me know how it goes
David ‘PINCH, SUCK, CLENCH’ Elcoate

P.S. If you want to find out how to get out of pain, heal your back and burn the faster than you have previously imagined head over to ReBoot Personal Training Trial for your 90 minute transformations session.



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