Personal Trainer Exeter Back Pain ReBoot – Day 6: Plastic S**t And Why It Means You Will Always FAIL!

So Today’s routine is as follows:


Neural Plasticity exercise


So on with today’s exercise:

    Mental plastics or neural (mental) plasticity (plastics) is the term that dictates how you brain becomes hardwired and programmed habitually, every time you do start something new you create a pathway in the brain, this then layers down as the subconscious brain looks for more repetition especially as it responds to perceived and real danger and also emotional or nice benefits.
Personal Trainer Exeter Neuron

Personal Trainer Exeter Neuron

In the future it will always use this pathway as default as it is easy (we like easy) and especially if something threatens us it goes into survival mode shutting everything sown and will do literally ANYTHING to get out of that situation.

This system is perfect and designed to keep us safe and protected it can also hinder us. if a certain thing is perceived to be threatening and damage our self image we will literally do anything we can to keep us comfortable and safe. So weight loss without the self esteem work and habitual is C.R.A.P (Completely Rubbish And Pointless)….

So today’s task is observation and awareness what are you doing habitually without even thinking about it, start paying attention to everything you do and say, don’t judge, just observe, your actions, your thoughts, your feelings and please WRITE THEM DOWN, less talk More DO!

Talk about s**t all you like, s**t’s still there, S**t don’t get cleaned up if you don’t pick it up!

So go observe your shit (not literally) and send me your feed back about what happened via email or comments on the blog or social media!

David ‘Always Failing To Pick Up S**t!’ Elcoate

ReBoot Personal Training


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