Personal Trainer Exeter Back Pain ReBoot – Day 5: Get All O.C.D About Your Thoughts and Feelings…

Ok guys day 5, is the same circuit as previous, the same breathing drills and Energiser Rehab Circuit; except I now want you to increase your awareness by paying attention, literally almost become O.C.D about your thoughts and feelings.


The daily routine today is as follows:


  • AM: Breathing Drills
  • MID: Energiser Rehab
  • PM: Breathing Drills



Personal Trainer Exeter Asks How Are You Really Feeling

Personal Trainer Exeter Asks How Are You Really Feeling?


Now I want you while breathing to start really focusing in on where your mind goes, listen and pay attention to what thoughts keep running around in your head and start to ask why am I thinking this way? How is this helping me or hindering me? And What lessons do I need to learn to let this go?



While doing the energizer, keep squeezing harder (oooooh errrr…). Also start to listen to the body and I mean really focus, feel what areas need more work and where you may be lacking the control required to perform.



Oh and in case you missed it ‘WRITE IT DOWN!’ (yes I am shouting).


Let me know how it goes


David ‘OCD’ Elcoate


ReBoot Personal Training


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