Personal Trainer Exeter Back Pain ReBoot – Day 4: How Mental Are Your Actions?

So as you should now get the hang of this AM and Pm gig, yep more breathing!
We add more in as the program goes on but if you can’t breath well on a basic physiology level the brain thinks it’s dying and will compensate everywhere = more back pain and less fat burning so nail this breathing practice ok!!
Your midday mental exercise (ok or whenever you schedule it into your diary is to look at your actions and behaviors, like you did with the environment.
personal trainer exeter going mental

Stop giving yourself a headache!

Thinking about why you signed up (back pain, fat loss, life transformation, etc…) Look at what actions you take daily and ask the following:
  • Does this help or hinder my progress?
  • How does this take me towards what I want to do?
  • What should I do instead?
Oh and remember….
Write this down!
David ‘Mental Actions’ Elcoate

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