Personal Trainer Exeter Back Pain ReBoot – Day 3: Close Your Eyes And Squeeze Harder (Not What You’re Thinking…)

Ok guys day 3, is an extension of Day 1, the same breathing drills and Energiser ReHab Circuit:
Breathing Drills
Energiser Rehab
Breathing Drills
Your focus for the breathing and energizer is to pay attention, focus on what you can feel when you breathe, where is your mind wandering when you do breathe, is it the same thought that run around (this will reveal a lot)?
Also when doing the energizer, what feels easy, do you pay attention to the 3 key areas (abs, bum and shoulder blades), also can you make them activate more by closing your eyes and squeezing harder (that sounds wrong…)
Personal Trainer Exeter Female Plank

I Bet She’s Sucking, Squeezing And Clenching…!

Let me know how it goes
David ‘Harder Squeezing’ Elcoate

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