Personal Trainer Exeter Back Pain ReBoot Day 2: You’re More Predictable Than Wile E. Cyote!‏

So Day 2 is all about your head space, we want to get your brain out of threat, if it is in threat then it is activating the 5 F’s:
  • Fight (get angry)
  • Flight (run away or stop)
  • Freeze (don’t start or procrastinate)
  • Fornicate ( err….. ;))
  • Feed it (hmm hello binge eating)
So if you are in treat you are likely engaging in behaviors that look like the above, so a lot of self sabotage isn’t sabotage it is in fact preservation.
Yes, preservation, threat is an inability to predict and outcome if the brain can’t predict it feels unsafe and activates the threat response!
Want to lose weight but hate the thought of ‘diets and exercise’, BOOM threat, you either stop the program or start binging (Flight & Feed).
Want to get rid of your back pain but are scared as the previous programs have failed, BOOM threat, you don’t start and get angry (Freeze & Fight).
So how do we change it?
Well we start to show the brain what outcomes it can predict (think about Wile E. Cyote, you know as soon as Roadrunner shows up, he will come up with some mad scheme, guaranteed to fail and cause him pain, we want that level of predictability, or at least you head thinking it is).
Personal Trainer Exeter Predictable

(c) – don’t be so predictable!

We will show the brain what it can control and change by doing the following:
Breathing Drills ( I know but there is a lot to be said for breathing)
No gym work today, only mind gym.
Breathing Drills ( I know but there is a lot to be said for breathing)
The program look at how your environment influences you, just look and observe, I want you to think about what you want from life, you know what success means for you and then start to look at your environments (work, home, hobbies) start to just pay attention to things that influence you.
I mean after all, everything we do either takes us forwards or backwards, ask yourself; is this helping or hindering my progress?
If it hinders, ask what purpose does this serve?
Then what would be a more effective way of doing this?
Write this down!
Let me know how you get on.

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