Personal Trainer Exeter Back Pain ReBoot – Day 1: On The First Day David Let The Air Fill Your Lungs..!‏

Ok guys day 1, here it is, I want you to schedule 5mins every morning and evening to just sit and breathe!
Sounds simple right?
Yeah I thought so too when I first tried it!
I lasted 1:27s, I can remember the exact time…..!
I literally sucked at breathing, now not the usual short shallow breaths, I mean the deep, calming right down in your belly type breath!
There are many, many reasons:
  • Gets more oxygen around the body (you burn fat in the presence of oxygen, subtle hint).
  • Slows the nervous system down, teaches the brain and body to relax and reduces pain!
If you are not breathing properly the body will compensate every single muscle and system possible in order to get the lungs open, this includes slowing internal organs down, compromising posture and changing brain and movement patterns.
So in order to sort it out, find a place you can sit comfortably or even better lie, place your hands between your belly button and the bottom of the ribs and push in slightly (you may feel a slight queezy sensation)  and breath into your hands.
Aim to build up to 5mins 2x per day.
While you are doing this just let your mind wander, don’t fight it, just let the mind go where it wants to, over the long term we are training your brain to relax, the more it does that the less threat it sees, which in terms lowers your stress response and therefore less fat storage and back bain!
Plus after practicing it you feel like you are floating, last time I got that I was 19 and in college (enough said)…. 😉
So today’s Exercise session will look like this:
Breathing Drills
Energiser Rehab (attaché to yesterdays email and today’s as well)
Breathing Drills
Let me know how you do!
David ‘Lung Filler’ Elcoate

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