Personal Trainer Exeter On Why Your Perspective is Keeping You Fat And In Pain!

I published this a few months ago but I thought it was important to share again!


Yeah I know the title is shocking and horrible, etc, etc, etc….. it is one of the most important posts i will ever publish as this controls everything in your mind and brain, EVERYTHING!!!!


Now I will be upfront this post is likely to be rude, offensive and contain bad language, if this offends, please STOP READING NOW!! If you can handle some good ol’ johnny bluntness then READ ON!


I am reminded of the image below whenever I am talking to people about perspective…..

(c) – Winston Churchill


Look at some point someone has gotten fat and also had a similar if not the same injury you have, some have spiraled down into negativity, shame and eventually depression. While others have broke free, let go of their shackles and moved forwards in spite of the perceived limitations (key word that perceived).


The key difference is perspective, this to me is defined as the way you look at the world (including spirituality, identity, values, beliefs, actions, habits). This combined based on who you chose to be, what you value and believe and past experience vs predicted future outcome is what gives you your perspective out look on the world.


See all of this is giant melting pot of “STUFF” that shapes your choices in response to the outcome you want. if your lenses are slightly tinted (re-read as negative as F**K) the chances are you see the world in a darker light and respond accordingly, this create undesirable actions which in turn creates an undesirable outcome which further reinforces the C.R.A.P. (Completely Rubbish And Pointless) perspective.


On the other side of the equation if you have rose tinted glasses, you have a happier outlook on the outcome, you respond in a happier way and make more productive choices, which influences your actions to create a more productive out come. Now I am not saying you should have rose tinted glasses all the time, sorry but bad shit sometimes happens to good people (sorry ra ra happy clappy people it does, no one will ever convince me that a child chooses to have cancer, fuck your spiritual intentions).


Yes I don’t believe the world to look like this —–>

(c) BBC



I am also aware that our perspective controls everything so if we can’t be to miserable or too happy (wtf), then what are we supposed to do, especially when you hate what is staring at you in the mirror and how much pain you are currently in?


Well what about this, adopting a plan for the worst but expect the best! Imaging if you set a goal for reducing your back pain by 50% in 6 months and dropping a clothing size too. Awesome goal so what next?


Well what happens if you don’t achieve it – er i simply change the amounts and / or the time frames so I go reduce by 25%, drop a dress size in 12 months, simple. I then continue to reassess until I succeed and then increase the goal appropriately.


Also what about your top 3 things that will threaten your ability to succeed and what will you do when they occur? Not i say when, not if, this is real life,  to borrow from Forest Gump “it happens….”


1. Partner time – get them to train with me, schedule time when I know he/she will be at work.

2. Work – schedule small times around days I know i am not as busy, also have a home based plan in case I can’t make it to the gym.

3.Family – have small days around family time so that doesn’t get interrupted, get up earlier, have home based plan too.


Now you have plans in place and contingencies, you have acknowledged that things can go wrong, but you now don’t have to dwell on the “ah but what if” and “this won’t work” voices (tell it to politely fuck off), you can focus on the positive side of looking at the opportunity to achieve your goal knowing you have plans to turn each negative into an opportunity!


If you would like to have a deeper understanding as to how your values, beliefs and identity and be changed to shift your perspective to eliminate your back pain and drop that stubborn fat for good then apply for your FREE transformation session HERE.


Let me know in the comments section how you get on with planning your new perspective.



Personal Trainer Exeter


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