Another ‘Powerful’ life lesson from Star Wars… (and it’s probably not what you think)

As a nerd I love this!

The Black Belt Coach

Over the last couple of weekends my housemate and I have been working our way through the Star Wars saga on our home cinema set up (we are both total geeks). I have to say it’s been awesome watching the films again on a big screen, buying a projector (for work) was a fantastic (work) investment!

Anyway, while watching one of the films, there is a fantastically ominous scene where Anakin is sitting in the Royal box at the Opera with Chancellor Palpatine (who is the big bad of the saga for the star wars uninitiated). Palpatine is grooming Anakin to turn him to the dark side and make him his evil apprentice, and during their conversation Palpatine says something to Anakin that really struck a chord with me…

“All who gain power are afraid to lose it”

That might seem like an odd thing to relate to, but when…

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