The path to happiness is… your stomach?!!

Sometimes I write the posts, other times I find people say something in such a way that it is better to share! This comes from my mate Kyle Hargreaves at personal trainer Billericay, simple and effective tips at the end.


Personal Trainer Exeter

The Black Belt Coach


Whenever it comes to food, we all have mixed thoughts, feelings and beliefs about what is ‘good for us’, what is healthy and what really matters when it comes to eating.

It’s a really complex issue because we all have our own unique personal relationships with food.

Something that you may find interesting though, is the direct link between what we eat and how it affects our emotional state.

It’s no secret that we link food with emotion and we often turn to food as a survival reaction when under stress (usually carbohydrates), but did you know that the quality of your your food and the state of your nervous system when you eat it plays a massive part in your emotional state?

Poor diets that are high in sugar and other inflammatory substances are directly linked to depression and low mood, which is fascinating when you think we often…

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