Personal Trainer Exeter On How Finding Your Why Will Get Rid Of Your Back Pain And Body Fat

Over the last few posts I have been talking about mind / brain set and how it influences your ability to repair injuries and burn bodyfat, the last post covered the words I am and how you can form an identity around your back pain and body fat (you can find that HERE).

Well this post is a continuation along that theme and it revolves around why you want to get rid of your back pain or why you want to burn body fat.

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You see in coaching there is a simple premise that goes along the lines of this: “If you have a big enough WHY, you can overcome any HOW and achieve any WHAT!”

Simply put your why is the reason, normally the emotional reason as to why you want to achieve your fat loss or back pain goal. You see normally most people don’t wake up and think I’d love to drop a dress size or I’d love to get rid of my back pain, bear with me here it sounds counter intuitive.

Instead, what happens is you wake up and the extra dress size, the pain or both make you feel like shit! This in turn makes you want the polar opposite so if being in pain and fat makes you feel ugly, unloved and dis-empowered then you achieving your goals mean you really want to feel sexy, loved and empowered.

So I want you to start asking the simple question why?

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If you know what you want e.g. By 01/07/2015 I will reduce my back pain by at least 50% and reduce my waist line by at least 1 inch which results in my dropping a clothing size from around my waist and hips…. A very specific goal yet still slightly incomplete.

No why, so ask the following questions:

  • Why do you want that goal?
  • What is the reason behind the goal?
  • How do you want to feel once you achieve the goal?
  • Why is that important to you right now?
  • Do you feel there is anything else you can add that will help inspire you to achieveing this goal?

There you have it, let me know your answers in the comments section below.


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