Personal Trainer Exeter On How Kleptomania Is Running Your fat Loss And Why Simple Shit Works Consistently!

At the start of the New Year, when all the ‘new year, new you’ bollocks is among us and people hop between fitness routines faster than a crack whore looking to score, I felt that this was relevant again!

Blog For Personal Trainer Exeter, Devon

Hey guys,

The post from Personal Trainer Exeter today is inspired by something I saw posted on Facebook by a coach i respect and admire (Kevin Nations – the original is here)

In it he mentions a laptop (a Google Chrome book) that although isn’t as nice as his ipad, it gets the job done. The job in this case is being able to connect to the internet anywhere at any time via any means necessary.


Now in this instance the Chromebook is almost 25% of the price of the mac book, doesn’t look as slick yet it connects anywhere, any time via any means necessary, basically it fulfils what the original intention is!

Now sometimes in life we get caught up in “magpie syndrome” (kind of like Kleptomaniacs but no stealing), we get distracted by shinny stuff that appears to be better!!


Key statement there “appears to be…

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