Personal Trainer Exeter’s 21 Good Habits For Slaughtering Your Fat Loss And Back Pain – Tip 3 – Engageing In Self Improvement Daily

Ok Guys,

Here is Part 3 of my “Personal Trainer Exeter’s 21 Good Habits To Slaughter Your Fat Loss And Back Pain Series…

  1. Engaging in self-improvement daily.


Quite possibly the most important image EVER!!!

Remember the excellence quote on the previous post (hint excellence is a habit)?

Successful people engage in daily self improvement, this could be you looking up something on nutrition, researching latest exercises or how about if your work commitments are getting on top of you and you are spending more time at work and less time looking after you it could be you learning about scheduling to manage what you do…

Ask yourself the following question “If I learnt just 1 new thing today that would progress my success and my life towards real truth, it would be… (fill in the blank)?”

Now imagine asking yourself that every morning when you woke up?

Let me know how you get on.


ReBoot Personal Training


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