Client Shout Out By Personal Trainer Exeter

Hey guys,


First off I Want to say a massive well done to My Client Jackie, she came in over a year ago with some nasty back pain (read as couldn’t walk on her lunch break without being in crippling pain). Here she is over a year later just over 2 weeks away from the Great west Run in her last phase of Speed and power.


Now the funny bit is there is also a little family competition with her daughter who is in her early 20’s (not mentioning Jackies age as i don’t fancy being killed) as to who can deadlift the most weight (fortunate this fits in with this phase of training).


So as a shout out I wanted to say a massive well done as Jackie today did 2 reps as 60kg and in true family spirit is kicking arse!!!




Well done Jackie, now I post this to show the reality of the Henry Rord quote “whether you are think it can or cannot be done, you’re right!”

She is lifting double what some women half her age lift, a year ago she was getting advise about not being able to run, blah blah, blah, well I called B.S. on that!

Now this is the real point of this post is Jackie quite simply refused to settle!

nothing more, nothing less, she simply refused to accept that this is the way her life will remain and kept looking until she found something that helped.

So my question to you around your fat loss or pain i Exeter is What are you settling for?



If you truly want to change then look at asking how do i know that with absolute certainty? and what would I need to think, value, believe and do in order  to achieve (new result).

Let me know how you get on,


Personal Trainer Exeter


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