Personal Trainer Exeter On How Being In Threat Is Keeping You Fat And Stuck With Back Pain

Hey guys,

One for everyone in exeter on how threat is keeping you from getting the body you want or getting rid of your pain.

First let’s look at what threat is, this perhaps is the simplest definition i have come across “an indication of imminent harm, danger, or pain!”

So in relation to your goals and your body then threat can be seen as “Anything real or imagined that is perceived as an indication of imminent harm, danger, or pain!”

Key words in there perceived, if you perceive something as threatening, no matter how tiny you activate a threat response and become reactive and being buffered around by the affects (re-read as constant yo-yo dieting, stopping exercise, not starting, still eating C.R.A.P food even when you “know” you shouldn’t, not taking action on what you say you really want).

Anytime you find yourself reacting like thye above you are already acting out of threat, you are literally out of your mind and can’t use your powerful human brain to think your way out of the problem.

The answer is 3 fold:

1. To work on the threat, to seek prediction and response, to stop pulling the gun out on yourself and adding more threat into your lives or distractions to avoid the threat.
2. Work on your perception, remember what you find threatening is what someone else laughs at so if you cannot or more importantly decide to keep that threat in your life (potential benefits in the long run like weight loss or back pain going), then ask your self the following:

Why do i perceive this as threatening?

Where do these thoughts come from?

How do I know that with absolute certainty that this is what will happen?

What else could also happen?

If i perceived this as non threatening, how would i feel?

What would have to heppen in order for this to not be threatening to me right now?

(BOOM – get here and see what happens)!

3. Stop with the bullshit, nasty names you call yourself.

They ARE complete bullshit!!!! (re-read until this sinks in) they ARE also keeping you deep, Deep, DEEP in threat.

Your job is to work on becoming your own best friend.

Someone you can rely on.

Someone you can trust.

Become that and your life will change… and so will your health, fitness, fat loss and back pain.

“Because David said to do it” is a SHIT strategy for changing your body.

“David said this might help me so let me test it out” is a GREAT one… if you measure it against your own happiness (after all the end result of any goal is for you to be happy with who you are is it not).

Be careful what you measure.

What you measure is what you focus on.

What you focus on dictates whether your experience will be a happy one… or not!

So be careful what you measure.

ALWAYS measure it against your own happiness, if you are not getting happier, then STOP! Take stock, readjust your perspective or walk away from the threat, quitting can be ok!

Let me know your thoughts.


Personal Trainer Exeter


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