Personal Trainer Exeter On Why You Keep Hopping From One Fat Loss Program To Another!

Hey Ladies,


Last time on the Personal Trainer Exeter Blog,  I covered what most people keep getting distracted by shiny objects, how you lose focus on what you doing and I also mentioned how not knowing what you want can really stop you from getting rid of muffin tops, bingo wings and Jelly Belly.


Exeter Personal Trainer Know Your Goals


So here is the low down, a LOT of people can happily tell you exactly what you don’t want!


Not as many (if even 1%) can tell you what they DO want!


The only thing this guarantees is nothing, no plan, no result and all that!


Now I will go into The ReBoot Goal achievement process in time, (i just feel goal achievement has been done t death at the mment) I just want to go deeper!


Deeper to the point where some of you may be offended by this post, you have been warned!!!



The real reson you don’t know what you want is you don’t know who you are!


Personal Trainer Exeter Who Are You?






Making you pay attention?



All of these are good, it means you have had a pattern interrupt, which is good it has grabbed you attention!



So now I have your attention I am going to draw you to the neurological levels in NLP:


Exeter Personal Trainer - Neurological-levels


David Elcoate


Personal Trainer Exeter



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