Personal Trainer Exeter David Elcoate On The New Website



Just a quick one to say “It’s ALIVE!!!!…..”


Ok so not quite, the website is coming along and after a few weeks should be finished within the next couple of weeks it can be found by clicking the link HERE.


I have found many valuable lessons in this whole process, learn what is occuring so you don’t get ripped off but also do your research and save some money and pay for someone else to do the work you are not good at. I am shit at this, I wasn’t smart with it and am now having to do this myself, it takes me 4x as long as someone who could be paid to do this, put another way I could have clients registering 4x as fast! DOH!!!!!


David Elcoate from Reboot perrsonal training swinging a kettlebell

David Elcoate from Reboot perrsonal training swinging a kettlebell


For your fat loss and baack pain rehab, do the research, learn, ask questions, get testimonials and sociual proof from your personal trainers in exeter, or weight watcher, boot camps, gyms etc, whatever…. Make sure you are not being fobbed of with psudo-science BS, false advertising and my all time favourite; Guilted into making a decision!


Once you have weighed the pros and cons then seriously get some help, buy the best quality fat loss / rehabilitation coach you can afford (selfless plug, check me out ReBoot Personal Training). Who ever that is all that matters is that it resonates with you, you feel safe adn that you will be guided and coached through the process to amazing results; who knows you could even banish your belly opr your back pain 4x faster than on your own….. 😉



Personal Trainer Exeter


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