Pain = No gain! Part 1

Guys awesome post from my mate Kyle, if you have pain, READ THIS! David Personal Trainer Exeter

The Black Belt Coach

Ever heard the phrase “no pain no gain”?

Everyone needs to suffer a little to get results, that’s why we have to train until it hurts to get that dream body…

Guess what, it’s total guff!

The phrase should be “Pain = No Gain!”

Chances are this will blow a lot of people’s concepts and beliefs around health, fitness and goal achievement completely out of the water. If you are in pain (the principle applies to physical and emotional pain by the way, but for the case of this post I will be speaking in physical terms) then your ability to achieve your goals will be significantly reduced.

And I mean significantly. Not just a little bit.

I mean like if your shoulder hurts, you physically won’t be able to squat to your full potential.

If your knee hurts, good luck getting the most out of your bench press!


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