The many heads of the Hydra

Awesome posts from my mate Kyle, also you get to see if you have more than 1 head…

The Black Belt Coach

Remember the old Legend of Hercules and the Hydra? The long and short of the story is that our muscle bound Demi-God hero was tasked to kill the Hydra, a serpent creature with more heads than the three headed dog Cerberus. 

In a way we are kind of like Hydras. Not because we have sharp teeth and scales (at least not most of us!) but because each of us has a number of ‘heads’.

Think about it. There are many facets that make up our personalities and who we are. Each of us has different heads we put on when we are involved in different things in daily life.

There’s your work head, your family head, the head you use for hobbies and activities, your social head and so on. For me personally, I have a lot of heads. There’s my coaching head, my Martial Arts heads (I have a…

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