Personal Trainer Exeter On How The Stories You tell yourself Around Fears Can Stop you From Burning Fat

Hey guys,

For you in Exeter, today I want to show you a little video on how the stories you tell yourself around fear can stop you from burning body fat.

Watch the short video below (<5.00 long) and it'll show you the story and then follow the questions below.



So there you go, what do you think?


Start by listing your fears and reasons below:


What is your top 3 fears about burning body fat (Fox, Snake and Owl)?




Why are you afraid of those (Gruffalo)?




What is the REAL reason or fear behind them, what links all 3?

How can you tun this fear around and make it into a strength?

There you go, I'll post my own and let me know your answers…


Exeter Personal Trainer


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