Exeter Personal Trainer On 5 Principles That Guarantee Success In Fat Loss And Life

This little post was inspired by a post i saw on my twitter feed the other day from a Dublin life coach who looks after single ladies (original post can be found HERE). It is 5 simple principles that when applied can have dramatic effects on your fat loss results and well even across your life, so here goes.

  • Be Yourself, Never Anyone Else.  This is quite possible the simplest yet also hardest to do, look I understand we have demands on out time and person, we all do, yet let me ask you a simple question are you happy? If the answer is anything but yes then there is clearly an issue and the simple answer is to start looking at where you are nhappy and asking why? It may be a result, a feeling, a person, whatever… One you have a why ask what would it take for me to be completely hapy with this area of my life? It may be you hate the gym but love dance, well guess what I’ll say to that….. See truth doesn’t have to be scary, yet it can set you free!


  • Stop Mothering and Smothering Your Life. This is an odd one, especially to those of us that are parents, all i mean by mothering and smothering is doing things for other people or trying to control things and causing excess stress, this is based on a simple principle in physics of equal and opposite reaction the more you push (in this case smother), the more the thing pushes back with the same amount of force. So instead of trying to smother and control why not just simply relax and let things unfold. This could be you trying to control your diet and always remaining hungry, why not ask the body what it is really after.  Stop trying to swim through the tidal wave and instead learn to surf!


  • Stop Waiting Start Doing. Seriously how many times have you just sat their waiting for something to happen? I am saying take some committed decisive action, see where it leads you,  to borrow from Lincon “in times of decision the best thing to do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing and the worst thing is nothing.” There is a paradox to this, don’t rush in foolishly, if given a choice between rushing and waiting, then waiting is the best choice as it means you can plan and make better choice after all “fools rush in where angels fear to tread”. If you can’t decide what exercise to do wait, plan it out, research, find what your gut is telling you and look at the facts, once you have an answer though commit and take action.


  • Don’t Be Boring! Now this may seem harsh but by this what I really mean is fill your life with things that excite you, things that make you want to get up in the morning and give your life purpose. Who cares what (as long as you aren’t risking yours or other peoples health and well being). You know even if we take the stereo type of someone who loves stamp collecting, you love stamps, they make your eyes sparkle and a smile that would split your head in two, THEN DO IT! I personally gave up on bullying in school, sadly some people didn’t, there will always be the people who give you their 2 cents worth about how “rubbish it is”,  FUCK THEM AND THEIR OPINION!!!!! In exercise my view is it could be the best exercise ever if you hate it then it isn’t best for you, I find running boring, I would rather punch a bag for 30 mins than run for even 5 secs… Reminds me of the image below, just my opinion though, find your own and you’ll be much happier!


  • Don’t be desperate and needy for the result. Yeah ever had a clingy partner that hung off your every word and said you were “the one” before you had even uttered your name….. Yeah not pleasent right, it smothers us from the word go. SO now think about your fat loss or life goals, how many are you desperate and needy for? Now i am not saying you might not need that result desperately, that is different to acting desperate, one is a result the other is cause… Here is a simple irony the more desperation you put into your goals the more desperation you get back, you are subconsciously saying you know you don’t have it and are therefore desperate to get it, instead learn to relax and go out and fall in love with the process and the person you must be in order to achieve the result, chances are, that’ll happen anyway!


So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know your thoughts in the box below. David Elcoate Fancy getting 30 days of coaching, resetting your success blueprint and achieving your dreams faster than before then head over to Personal Trainer Exeter and stick your name and email in the box.


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