Guys awesome post to look at if you ever feel you have lost your way in life, simple effective and great read.

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Ok, I’m sat at my Laptop ready to start typing, but how should I start?

I’ll just jump right in….

I suffer from Anxiety and Depression.

Who cares? You may ask.

I also asked this question, and I’m with you.
Why should you, or anyone else care about any aspect of my life?


Well, you shouldn’t, and probably don’t, but after speaking to an acquaintance and fellow fitness professional, Paul Mort, I was convinced to write about my experiences.


I had and still have reservations…am I a sell out?
Selling my soul for more likes, publicity, shares etc etc

But that’s not why I am writing this.

Out there in Internet land someone may be feeling the same, I don’t have the answers, but if reading my insignificant blabbering’s help that person then I suppose it was a worthwhile humiliation.

I am also a very private person, not many…

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