Newton Abbot And Devon Personal Trainer On How Your Habits And Hormones Can Make Or Break Your Fat Loss Success.


Ok guys, welcome to day 4 of the M.E.S.H Principles summary posts (you can get the following posts here Day 1, Day 2, Day 3).


SO today’s post is all about your habits and your hormones, these are the last keys on burning stubborn body fat.




SO what do you o on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, seriously are you even aware of what you do? While on face book do you sit there with a pint of sugary drink and a pasty or are you there with green tea and a nice salad? Also when you get stressed over money, relationships, etc, what do you automatically do? DO you go for a run or reach for the chocolate?


Seriously it’s these things that happen daily that can literally steal fat loss success out from under your nose, the worst bit is a lot of people don’t even realise they are doing it.


So today, use it as an exercise into looking at what you do towards or taking away from your weight loss journey.




Funny things hormones, when working with you they literally sky rocket you forwards, when working against, all the work in the world makes no difference. So how’s your stress levels, do you have adequate stress management techniques, if you can’t change what’s stressing you out now, then can you change why you are stressed out by it?


Also your sleep, hydration and nutrition are key to manage=ing your hormones, if you don’t sleep, don’t drink enough water and eat C.R.A.P (Completely Rubbish And Pointless) food the guess what direction your hormones are taking you?


Yep to beer belly avenue!


So, look at your results in the real world, what thoughts your having, your approach to life, what do you do on a daily basis and also how hormonal you are and you are guaranteed to succeed. This was just a snippet of the M.E.S.H blueprint principles I use with all my clients to achieve their fat loss success.




Devon Personal Trainer


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