Hi guys it’s David Elcoate here from again with the follow on from yesterday, I hope after that little overview you’ve started to think about your spiritual approach to life and fat loss (original post can be found ).


If not go back and re-read it and start with that as it forms the base for everything going forward.


Today is about being mental, well ok not mental but it is about your thoughts, see after you have your spiritual approach next comes your thoughts around a thing now lets say it’s success in losing weight or exercise and nutrition, what are the first thoughts that come into your head?


Are they:

“Yay, I look forward to achieving my weight loss goals”

“It will take effort but I am confident I will achieve this


Or are they more along the lines of:

“GREAT, another thing to get miserable about”

“Exercise and clean food are rubbish and never work, why can’t i eat cake and still be skinny?”


I hope you can see the difference between the 2 thought patterns, the first being positive and focused on success the second being negative and focusing on lack or defeat, before even starting. Now there are various reasons why you may not be positive and look forward to exercise including:


  1. Poor spiritual out look, like i said on the previous post, if you don’t have faith in life everything else suffers going forward, goes with out saying your thoughts towards fat loss success will be lacking too.
  2. You may have poor experience within the area, this means lack of previous success or having not tried before.
  3. You may have been conditioned by other people (friends, relatives, etc) to think this way.


The great news is ALL of these are changeable and this means you can ALWAYS succeed in your fat loss goals, sure it may take a little extra time to change the programming before starting on your journey physically but hey long term, well worth the effort.


SO ask yourself, which of the above is influencing ny thoughts around health and fat loss? the look at it and see is that truly your opinion or has something else been influencing you? If so go change the something else and watch your weight drop off.


This is all part of the process all clients go through as part of their MESH blueprint coaching program when they sign up, check the website out for more information.


Hope you enjoyed the post, next time how being an emotional idiot can help or hinder your fat loss success.




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