Devon Personal Trainer On How Spirituality Can Help You Burn Body Fat

Yeah, you did read that title correctly, how spirituality can help you burn body fat!


It’s David Elcoate from Devon Personal Trainer here again, I am just sitting writing this blog while watching my 21 month son run around the living room and designing my new M.E.S.H blueprint coaching program for health, wealth and relationship success. I am looking at the first fundamental principle; spirituality.


This got me thinking I have been a blit lacking on the faith department about my ability to succeed with my online business as I have trouble with something intangible, and it made me think of all the people out there who lack the faith or spiritual beliefs to see their fat loss goals completed.


Now before you wet yourself and start panicking, it’s not a religious rant, for me my definition of spirituality = faith, faith that life works out in your favor, faith that even if things don’t look good, all events are there to serve you, faith that despite whatever may be occurring in front of you, there is always hope for a grander vision.


How does this help you with losing fat you ask?


Simple principle really, if you have faith in the outcome of life or not?


If you do then surely, the thoughts you have towards any goal will be positive, the emotions you feel will put you int a positive state which will influence your habitual actions and also your hormones (hence M.E.S.H blueprint Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Habitual and Hormonal blueprint).

In the long run, if all the pieces follow that path, success is a matter of when not if.


So for fat loss, if you have faith life works in your favor, your thoughts may be ones such as yeah this scares me but I know I’ll get there in the end, which may make you feel a little nervous but also excited nervous about your potential results which means you will hormones will produce serotonin which makes you happy and promotes fat loss and you will back this up with  inspired action (sleep, hydration, nutrition and exercise) towards your goal.


Now imagine the reverse…. No faith = negative thoughts = C.R.A.P (Completely Rubbish and Pointless)emotions, which leaves you feeling afraid and negative, which stresses you out (poor fat loss hormones) and then you either don’t take action or worse, sabotage your self!!!!


So simple, start looking at things you d have faith in, the sun comes up every day, your lungs take in oxygen, start asking questions about why you don’t have faith that you will achieve your fat loss goals and soon enough you will hit upon the answer, just don’t stop untill you do have it.


Yours in Health, wealth and Relationships,


David Elcoate


Devon Personal Trainer



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