Hey guys,

I just wanted to share a quick post about setting your fat loss goals. Now is it really as simple as setting your goals down on paper and then taking action and achieveing them? well, yes and no!

It is as simple as that to do it if you are subconsciously programmed for success. how do you know?

Simple; do you put your goals down on paper and then start taking action on achieving them by changing yur diet, lifestyle, exercise habits etc..? If the answer is no then you aren’t programmed for fat-loss sucuccess. So how do you make the changes, well this comes down to many things at different levels it initially starts with your M.E.S.H (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Hormonal) and how it relates to your fat loss goals.

Your M.E.S.H is programmed at 5 levels based upon your Identity, Values, Beliefs, Roles and Goals. See this is why a lot of people fail at achieving their fat loss goals in Newton Abbot, Devon. Either they are not programmed properly i.e. their identity isn’t geared towards fat loss success, which in turn means they don’t have supportive vales and therefore believe they can achieve it which means they won’t take an active rle in succeeding andthere fore their goals remain just that a goal and not an achievement. So they are not Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually and Horomanlly geared up towrds fatloss success.

Over the next 10 articles and posts I will be going through How to change this so you can subconsciously program yourself for fat-loss success and explaining why the  problem itse;lf may be the goal itsef!

To your success,

David Elcoate

Newton Abbot and Devon Personal Trainer


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